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SOIL PROTECTION Catalunya - the Balearic Islands / Principality of Andorra


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Soil Series and Soil Types catalogue of Catalonia



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The SOIL CATALOGUE (Soil Series and Soil Types) is the authorized source of information on soils of Catalonia available at the Cartographic and Geologic Institute of Catalonia since 2010 and the Department of Agriculture of the government of Catalonia from 1993 to 2009. Soil information transferring with open access for anybody who wants to use it is one of the services that the Generalitat of Catalonia offers as a commitment to the transparency and the sustainability, in view that the land use allocations (agriculture, housing, infrastructure, natural resources and others), as well as other interventions can be done according to a scientific knowledge of soils.

The ICGC grants the access to the available soil information, furnishing products in digital format, so that they can be used in many applications.

In SOIL CATALOGUE you can access to:

  – Criteria used by the DARP to define Soil Series (DAR, 2006).

  – Soil Series (Soil maps surveyed by DARP from 1993 to 2009) with a link to the soil map file cards.

  – Guide book with the methodology that must be used to elaborate soil maps in Catalonia (1:25 000) in accordance to the ICGC.

  – Soil types (Soil maps produced by the ICGC, since 2010) with a link to the website of the ICGC.

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